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Depending on the temperature and weather in Maryland and Virginia, plants can still be planted up until December when the ground freezes. After the temperature drops and consistently stays below below 30 degrees, it is not recommended to install plants and guarantee their survival into spring.

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Our company does provide annual clean up but we do not offer lawn mowing, tree trimming, mulching, and weeding.


We do offer the last 3 services if our crew is already on site doing other services.

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Some low maintenance plants that can be planted in your yard are ground covers, plants from the Nandina family, Laurels, Perennials, low growing evergreens, and Hydrangeas.

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Deer tend to stay away from poisonous plants and fragrant plants with strong scents. They also do not like plants that are prickly (unless they're desperate).


Some plants that deer typically, but not always, stay away from are:


-Deer resistant trees: Red Chestnut tree, Serviceberry, Kwanzan Cherry tree, Dogwood, Hawthorn trees, Ash, Beech, Birch, Honeylocust, (Japanese, Siugar, Red) Maple, Mugo Pine, Sprucce, and Holly trees.


-Deer resistant shrubs: Boxwoods, Pieris Japonica, Mahonia (or Barberry), Caryopteris, Butterfly Bush, and Carol Mackie.


-Deer resistant ornamental grasses: Miscanthus, Purple Fountain 'Rubrum', and Lilyturf.


-Deer resistant perennials: Bleeding Hearts plants, Catmint, Yellow Alyssum, Foxglove, Salvia plants, Iris flowers, Lambs Ear, Lavender plants, Lenten Rose, Peonies, and Poppy flowers.


-Deer resistant bulbs: Snowdrops, Glory of the Snow, Crocus, Scilla Siberica, Hyacinths and Grape Hyacinths, Daffodils, and the Allium.


-Deer resistant ground covers: Pachysandra, Liriope, and Bugleweed.


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Having grass in your yard looks great. It is truly an American favorite. However, with up keeping grass there is maintenance, money, and the cost of your time. Also, grass doesn't always do well in a shady area that doesn't receive much or any sun. Lawn grass is superior to ground cover in that it is a uniform ground cover that people and pets can walk over. Ground cover is essentially a term that is used to refer to perennials that are known for their ability to spread. Some of the benefits of ground cover are:

-Installed in areas too shady for lawn grasses to grow properly

-Installed in narrow, oddly shaped areas where mowing and edging is difficult

-Installed to reduce overall landscape maintenance

-Control erosion, especially on slopes where lawn grass is difficult to maintain

-Attractive accents for areas too small to accommodate shrubs

-Obstruct traffic without impeding view

-Provide vegetative growth for very wet or very dry locations

-Used in areas to control weeds

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