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Plants and grass sod are guaranteed for 1 year.


East Coast Landscape Design is not responsible for replacing dead plants as a result of client not watering enough.

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After receiving the proposal and all changes have been made, if the client is ready to proceed with the project, they would sign the bottom of the proposal and the contract and send in the deposit payment.

After the company has received the paperwork and the deposit, the client would be given an approximate start date. 

As the approximate start date nears, a more exact date will be given.

Miss Utility and any other preparations (ie. ordering plants and materials) will be made before beginning work.

A few days before the start date, we will call to confirm the that the start date still works for the homeowner.

After work is complete, the client will receive a link to rate how the project install went and will offer a chance to leave a testimonial.

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There is a 10 year warranty for most new construction. There is no warranty if client provides materials, not the company.

1 year warranty for concrete work.

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Annuals are flowers that complete their life cycle in one growing season, during which time they grow, flower, and produce seed. Although some varieties will self-sow, or naturally re-seed themselves. Perennials are flowers or bushes that live year after year. This means the tops of the plants die back to the ground each Fall with the first freeze. Every Spring, new plant tops arise from the crown or roots, which persisted through the winter. Perennials are said to be hardy because they live through the winter.

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After new plantings are installed, it is critical to provide water to the plants. This will settle the soil around the plants roots and remove any air pockets. Proper watering is critical for establishment and health of your plants.


Water new plants every other day for the first month, the 2+ times a month. After that, water new plants once a week until the end of the season.

To water the plants, use a garden hose with a nozzle that has a gentle out flow and water for 1-3 minutes per plant. For individual trees, place the hose at the base of the trunk and let the water trickle for an hour.


For all new plantings, if the temperature is over 90 degrees, water plants twice as often as mentioned above.


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