Silver Spring MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

They say that symmetry equals beauty, even in outdoor spaces. But, what can you do if your property has a ton of mounds and hills? How can you make it more aesthetically pleasing?

This is where the experts at East Coast Landscape Design come in. If your landscape has extreme gradient changes, consider retaining walls and French drains for your Silver Spring MD property. Not only does this provide vital structural support to the soil, but you can also use a thoughtfully designed setup as an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your backyard.

Still not convinced? Consider the following benefits of this powerful combo:

They provide flood control and prevent soil erosion

Wind and water are erosion catalysts in every landscape – especially if your property doesn’t have a lot of shrubs and trees to keep the soil in place. Retaining walls not only support the soil, but they also reduce the surface runoff that occurs because of sharp gradients on your property. Combined with a French drain, it reduces the speed the water travels on your property and redirects it to a designated place where it can do no harm.

They combine functionality and aesthetic appeal

The art of design is a beautiful thing. Something as simple as the material used and the height of the setup can turn an ordinary project into something phenomenal. For instance, mounds and hills are attractive in their own right, but they consume precious space and make landscaping efforts more challenging. In this case, a sequence of retaining walls that together create a terraced look are an excellent option. Plus, you can use the newly created area to spice things up in your backyard, maybe plant the garden you’ve always wanted. You can also use this attractive design to highlight your patio space more effectively.

They protect your home

If your home is on lower ground compared to the surrounding land on your property, there’s a possibility the soil from the surrounding (and higher) elevation can slowly slide into the building, causing structural problems and other issues. When you invest in retaining walls and French drains for your Silver Spring MD landscape combo, you can fortify your property against these disasters.

The Bottom Line

If installing this type of combo seems challenging, you are not alone. At East Coast Landscape Design, we know this is easier said than done. We’ve been in business for forty years and have the knowledge and skill to bring your landscaping dreams into reality. That’s why we’re here to help you from start to finish to ensure your total satisfaction. Our expert landscapers and design specialists will listen to your questions, concerns, and ideas to create a masterpiece that perfectly combines functionality, individuality, and beauty.

Rockville MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

For many homeowners in Rockville, the appearance of their lawn and landscaping is a matter of pride. And, why not? A healthy, beautiful lawn makes a great first impression when visitors come to your home. It also feels good to see your property in all its glory when you leave and return from running errands or going to work.

Unfortunately, for some, this is easier said than done. No matter how hard they work, their lawn is still unattractive. They don’t know their efforts are for naught because of drainage issues. Poor drainage can cause your plants to look sickly or even die. It can also cause fungus growth and can lead to a muddy lawn. These issues are not conducive to healthy looking landscape.

Thankfully, East Coast Landscape Design specializes in fixing drainage issues in outdoor spaces. In fact, we believe the combination of retaining walls and French drains for your Rockville Maryland property is one of the best solutions out there. To give you a better understanding of why we believe so strongly in this combo, consider these points:

The Lowdown on Retaining Walls and French Drains in Rockville MD

Retaining walls are just what they sound like. It’s a wall that separates two areas of the yard of differing elevations. The area behind the retaining wall is generally higher, which causes the water to get trapped behind it as if it were a dam. This controls the water flow and prevents too much from draining down into the lower section of your yard.

French drains, on the other hand, improve yard drainage because they use one of Nature’s laws to work. In this case, the law of gravity. This law is used to make it easier for water to drain from your yard. Together, these two methods work to corral the water and redirect it to another location.

The Bottom Line

If your lawn is suffering from drainage problems, we at East Coast Landscape Design believe that retaining walls and French drains for your Rockville MD home may be the answer. We’ve been in business for four decades and have a reputation for outstanding workmanship and designs that blend seamlessly with the existing landscape. It is our aim to design and create both functional and beautiful outdoor spaces that our clients will enjoy for a lifetime.

Our expert landscape installers and design specialists have lots of experience designing and installing several types of retaining walls and French drains in the Rockville Maryland area. Whether you are looking for something that showcases your unique personality or a design that makes use of the natural design elements in your yard, we can help. So, count on us to get the job done right the first time. We will turn your dreams into reality.

Potomac MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

Does your Potomac MD home have elevated or sloping yard spaces? To some, this is an eyesore. If you fall in this category, you might wonder whether it is best to level them out or keep them as they are.

While leveling the ground to create a flat landscape is possible, it’s costly and time-consuming. But, don’t give up yet. It’s possible to design a landscape using retaining walls and French drains for your Potomac MD home that turns your sloping area into a focal point. Not only is the resulting structure aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also functional as well.

That’s right! With the use of this combo you can create a unique landscape that adds beauty to your property while also preventing erosion and redirecting water off your property. But these are just a few of the benefits a retaining wall/French drain combo provides. Some others include:

Several design options

You don’t have to limit your choice to a straight retaining wall. If you want something more stylish, consider a curve pattern. Just talk to one of our professional consultants at East Coast Landscape Design about your ideas to determine their feasibility.

Adds a little extra to your favorite entertainment area

A retaining wall can help you create a stunning private getaway that highlights your entertainment or outdoor kitchen space. To create an even more natural flow, use matching paving stones in your yard.

Provides seating options

Many retaining walls are short. This makes it possible to design a retaining wall/French drain combo you and your loved ones can lounge on.

Creates extra garden space

There’s just something about gardens. Not only are they a great place to express your creativity, but they also induce feelings of warmth and welcome every time you and your loved ones step foot on your property.

Unfortunately, if your property doesn’t have that much space, you may think it’s not possible to indulge in this pastime. But, this isn’t the case. There are retaining wall/French drain designs that create a dedicated portion in your yard where you can plant freely and showcase your favorite plants.

Protects your property

Retaining walls and French drains add beauty to the outdoor spaces on your Potomac MD property. They also help control soil movement and improve water drainage in your yard. So, not only are these features aesthetically beautiful, but they also save you from unnecessary repair costs down the line.

Ready to get started? East Coast Landscape Design has proudly served the residents of Potomac and its surrounding areas for 4 decades. They have the know-how to ensure that the retaining walls and French drains on your Potomac MD property meet your needs, both visual and functional. Contact us today to learn more.

North Potomac MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

They say that your home is your castle. But, it doesn’t feel very royal if it’s plagued by erosion and drainage issues. This can significantly impact the look of your house and possibly affect the way you feel about your property.

Another problem is, you work hard every day and are too tired or don’t have the knowledge necessary to do anything about it. What are you going to do to elevate the look of your property?

Don’t you worry. Our experts at East Coast Landscape Design have the perfect idea.

Retaining walls and French drains provide incredible practical and aesthetic value for homes in the North Potomac MD area. Not only do they beautify and protect your landscaping and home, they increase the value of your property as well.

What’s more? These aren’t the only benefits this combo provides. Some of the more interesting include:

They reduce damage caused by erosion

In most places where there is rainwater runoff, erosion occurs. With this erosion comes large pieces of rocks and soil that can slam into your property and cause serious damage. Retaining walls and French drains on your North Potomac MD property will protect your landscape design and home.

They are functional

We are only human. We cannot prevent nature from running its course. What we can do, however, is prepare for it. Retaining walls help minimize the damage caused by natural disasters hellbent on destroying your landscape. Together with French drains, retaining walls are used to stabilize slope landscapes and/or create level surfaces. This extra space is an excellent place to create the garden you’ve always wanted.

They are decorative

Interested in making your landscape the talk of the neighborhood? When they see retaining walls, most people don’t notice its functionality. What they notice is its beauty and the extra touch of pizazz that it adds to your property. With a little creativity and the help of a professional designer (like the ones at East Coast Landscape Design), retaining walls will create a unique focal point on your property that’ll make all who see it green with envy.

The Bottom Line

Retaining walls are not only easy on the eyes, but they also have protective features that make them the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. They create a beautiful focal point for your home and spice up your overall outside environment.

Whether you’re ready to take that next step or still have questions you need answered about retaining walls for your North Potomac MD property, we can help. Our highly trained landscape specialists and design consultants will answer all your questions to ensure your satisfaction before the project starts. Then, we’ll work closely with you throughout the process to bring the vision you have in your mind’s eye into reality.

We’ve proudly served North Potomac and its surrounding areas for 40 years and have built a reputation for high quality work and reasonable prices. Contact us today to learn how we can help you. Our representatives are waiting for your call!

Hyattsville MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

A beautiful lawn is often a point of pride for Hyattsville homeowners. Not only does it make a great impression on anyone who passes by or comes to visit your home, it also elicits feelings of joy whenever you see it.

Some homeowners are luckier than others. It’s easy for them to keep their lawns and landscape looking beautiful throughout the year. Others not so much. No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to get things together. Thankfully, this is easier to fix than you may think.

The cause of most unattractive lawns is poor drainage. When things are flowing like they’re supposed to, grass and other plants are healthy and green. When they don’t, it can lead to fungus growth, a muddy lawn, and sickly plants. You can fix this poor drainage issue with the help of retaining walls and French drains your Hyattsville MD property.

What are retaining walls?

These low walls are used to separate two areas of your yard that are of different elevations. Usually, the area behind the retaining wall is higher and traps the water behind it, much like a dam. This prevents water from reaching the lower section of your property.

What are French drains?

French drains are great at improving yard drainage. The concept is simple. They use the power of gravity to do their work. Basically, it’s a system of carefully placed pipes that lets the water drain down and away from your yard.

Better Together

Retaining walls work best with French drains for your Hyattsville MD property because they work together to catch and direct the water to somewhere it won’t cause any harm. This keeps the higher part of your property from getting flooded while maintaining the integrity of the lower part, ridding your yard of stagnant and harmful water.

If you’re having drainage problems, consider retaining walls and French drains for your Hyattsville MD property. Yard drainage problems can happen at any time of the year. This is especially true in Hyattsville where we get a little of everything – from scorching heat to frigid snowy days and everything else in between. This diversity in weather patterns can make it hard to handle drainage issues in your lawn effectively. But, you cannot afford to let this issue slip, literally or figuratively. The consequences of poor drainage for your property go way past the surface. When your outdoor environment is constantly changing, it can cause structural damage to your home, driveway, fences, and landscaping. Investing in some form of protection is the way to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Our representatives at East Coast Landscape Design are eagerly waiting for your calls and will work with your from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Greenbelt MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

Does your property suffer from drainage issues? What about varying gradients? If so, don’t you fret. We understand that these issues can affect the look of your land. Retaining walls and French drains for your Greenbelt Maryland property can help improve drainage while simultaneously increasing the aesthetic appeal of your land.

There are several benefits to this combination. Many of them are well-known, like they help with drainage and add an interesting element to your landscape design. But, there are several other, lesser known, reasons you should incorporate retaining walls and French drains into your Greenbelt Maryland property. Some of them include:

Increases the value of your home

The first thing that potential homebuyers see when visit your home are its exterior and surrounding yard. A retaining wall with a French drain is an excellent investment because it adds to your home’s aesthetic appearance and its value. Thus, ensuring the interest of potential homebuyers the moment they step foot on your land.

Reshapes your property

Sometimes the natural contours of your yard are what make it interesting to look at. But, if this isn’t the case for you, take heart. There is one thing you can do to change things, namely working with the experts at East Coast Landscape Design. They’ll use the natural elements of your property to make its contours more eye-catching.

Works as a part of your natural decor

It’s possible to incorporate a retaining wall as part of your barbecue pit or patio area. When designed properly, a retaining wall and French drain combo can perform double duty as an outside shelf for your games, picnic supplies, or plants. You can also incorporate outdoor lighting for even more interesting effects.

They have creative power

You might be familiar with the older neighborhoods where they built homes on a steep incline. In these kinds of neighborhoods, it’s hard to find a spot to create a flower or vegetable garden. The land is just too steep. A brick retaining wall and French drain will provide you with flat, usable land that makes it easier to landscape and plant a garden on your property, no matter the size.

The Bottom Line

When you’re ready to look into retaining walls and French drains for your Greenbelt MD property, look no further than East Coast Landscape Design. We’ve been serving Greenbelt and its surrounding areas for 40 years and we have the know-how to bring your landscaping visions to life. No matter the design in your head, we’ll work with you from the beginning to the end of the project to make it a reality. So, what are you waiting for? Our friendly consultants are ready to help you get started.

Gaithersburg MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

Imagine walking through a soggy yard, filled with brown vegetation. It doesn’t create a good image, does it? If this is something you’re familiar with, you may have drainage issues in your yard. But, what can you do about it?

Thankfully, the solution is just a phone call away. If you suffer from poor drainage and a less than ideal looking yard, consider investing in retaining walls and French drains for your Gaithersburg MD property. Some benefits of this combo include:

Supportive system

If there are hills or slopes on your property, a retaining wall and French drain combo is a really good investment. The retaining wall will keep the soil in place and prevent it from making its way into your home. Meanwhile, the French drain goes to work by diverting any water that may cause structural damage away from your home. In this way, this combination provides an immense level of security for you and your loved ones.

Aesthetic appeal

Retaining walls and French drains will improve the look of your Gaithersburg Maryland landscape and protect it as well. Make its appearance pop even more by choosing a building material that complements the natural beauty of your property.

Thankfully, there are several materials you can choose for this, like natural stone. With the beauty inherent in this material, it’s easy to see how this combo can easily become the focal point of your landscape.

Extra functionality

Believe it or not, a retaining wall can help you create more space in your backyard. For instance, properly designed retaining walls can turn a slope or a hill into a flat surface where you plant that garden you’ve always wanted. You can also decorate it with outdoor lights to improve the ambiance of your backyard.

Increases the value of the home of your property

There’s something about aesthetic appeal. The way a property looks from the outside can attract or repel potential homebuyers. No one wants to purchase a property that their eyes do not love.

A professionally designed retaining wall and French drain setup will compliment your home as well as the surrounding environment. So instead of detracting from the beauty of your property, they help maximize the use of your landscape.

East Coast Landscape Design offers client professional landscaping and maintenance services in the state of Maryland that will blow your mind. We’re here to make sure your property is as beautiful as possible, no matter the season. 

Want to learn more about how we can make your landscape look just as beautiful as it is functional with the use of retaining walls and French drains for your Gaithersburg MD property? Contact us today and one of our expert consultants will help you get started.

Columbia MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

Does your yard suffer from drainage problems? That is, your lawn is perpetually soggy, plants look sickly and brown, and there’s an overgrowth of fungus? You don’t have to deal with this any longer – not if you invest in retaining walls and French drains for your Columbia MD property.

When designed with the help of an expert, a retaining wall and French drain combo is even more useful than you may think. This kind of setup makes it possible to collect your rainwater and divert it so it’s useful not damaging to your lawn. For instance, it’s possible to use the combo to direct rainwater into a collection system, which you can use to keep your lawn vibrant, green, and healthy.

But, that’s not the only benefit of retaining walls and French drains for your Columbia MD home. Others include:

Prevents erosion

If your property has sloped areas, it’s highly likely that you are dealing with the runoff problems. A retaining wall and French drain setup is an excellent way to provide your soil with the support it needs to avoid and redirect runoff. When you use this combo to border a slope or hill, it creates a flat surface that prevents the soil from moving very far.

Plays double duty as a sitting area

French drain and retaining wall combos come in various shapes and sizes but, most retaining walls are low. So, when set up properly, you can turn your combo into a popular hangout spot in the yard. Or, if you prefer, you can use it as a place where you relax and read your favorite books.

Easy on the eyes

Retaining walls and French drains in Columbia MD can help you create a look that’ll add some extra pizazz to your property. Between the different materials and heights you can choose from, your options are virtually endless.

Let’s say your land has several slopes and little hills that you want to get rid of. It’s possible to use your retaining wall to create a terraced look that is sure to make everyone who lays eyes on it green with envy. You can also use the newly created flat spaces to grow that garden of your dreams or even to highlight your favorite places on your property.

When you’re ready to invest in a functional and beautiful retaining wall from a reliable landscaping company in your area, contact East Coast Landscape Design. We’ve been in business for decades and will provide you with a high quality and durable retaining wall and French drain setup for a lower cost than you may think.

Contact us today to get started. Our professional and friendly representatives will be happy to provide you with the information and guidance you seek.

Bladensburg MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

Have you ever seen the low, beautiful concrete walls that surrounds some houses, schools, and parks? The truth is, these walls are more than something pretty to look at. They are retaining walls, a protective feature that helps prevent erosion, poor drainage, and other issues that damage properties. They’re even more effective when combined with French drains.

So, if you’re plagued by any of these problems, consider retaining walls and French drains for your Bladensburg, MD property. They’ll effectively eliminate your landscaping headaches and add an interesting touch to your land.

Still not convinced? Consider these benefits to help you decide:

Gives your property some added pizzazz

Some homeowners dislike that their property has little hills and slopes. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This type of terrain has the potential to create a beautiful and unique landscape, especially when paired with a lovely retaining wall and French drain setup.

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, the landscape specialists at East Coast Landscape Design can create a complex design of tiered walls that shows off your favorite part of your yard, whether it is your favorite flower garden or your relaxing patio.

Reduces flooding

When spring comes, it usually signifies a new beginning. A rebirth of sorts. This is the season where new flowers bloom and the entire world looks new. But, there’s a downside to all of this, the heavy spring rains that accompany it can increase the chances of your property flooding. Retaining walls and French drains for your Bladensburg, MD property will not only hold the soil in place, but they can also help minimize flooding and divert it away from your property.

Provides natural, low maintenance beauty

They say that beauty is pain. But this only holds true if you haven’t found the right solution for you. For instance, there are some homeowners that spend weekends beautifying their yards. They have a love for their property that’s clear from the moment you see it.

But, what if we told you, it’s possible to get a similar effect without all the hard work? With the addition of a retaining wall and French drain combo, it’s possible to own a beautiful property that requires little maintenance, save mowing and similar activities. The combo adds beauty to your yard through its mere existence.

Retaining walls and French drains for your Bladensburg, MD property serve not only as a protective feature but as a decorative addition to your landscape design. This will give you the peace of mind your property is safe from erosion, flooding, and other types of damage that can cost thousands to fix.

So, what are you waiting for? The experts at East Coast Landscape Design will guide you through the process from start to finish so that your vision and their expertise create a synergy that brings your dreams to life.

Adelphi MD Retaining Walls and French Drains

Is your lawn always muddy, have lots of fungus growth, and/or filled with sickly looking plants? You, my friend, are suffering from poor drainage issues. It can also lead to structural damage in the foundation of your home.

While this isn’t a good thing at any time of the year, it’s particularly damaging during the wintertime. Freezing temperatures causes moisture in the foundation to freeze and expand, increasing the size of the cracks. This creates openings for more water to enter and increase the severity of the damage to the foundation.

This is a serious matter and can cost a pretty penny to fix. But, when you take preventative measures, like installing retaining walls and French drains on your Adelphi MD property, it’ll help you avoid the costs associated with these types of repairs.

The combo of retaining walls and the French drains for your Adelphi MD property will carry the groundwater away from the perimeter of your home before it can infiltrate your foundation. It also keep the plants and trees on your property healthy, which further enhances the value of your land.

At East Coast Landscape Design, we understand that this is easier said than done. French drains and retaining walls are not exactly self-explanatory, which can make it hard to decide whether to use this combo to fix your drainage issues. To help you gain some clarity, we offer these comprehensive, but concise, definitions to help clear up some of the confusion:

What are retaining walls?

They are essentially low walls that separate the areas of different elevations in your landscape. They pull double duty as a dam of sorts to keep harmful water from reaching the lower sections of your lawn.

What’s a French drain?

There are several types of French drains but they all serve one purpose. They use the law of gravity to collect rainwater and redirect it to a place that doesn’t affect your property, like the street.

Why should I invest in retaining walls and French drains for my Adelphi MD property?

This combination of drainage systems is quite effective if your property has chronic drainage issues. They work together to capture the water and send it somewhere it won’t cause any damage. Plus, they’re physically attractive as well, creating a focal point on your property that is sure to impress all visitors.

Ready to get started?

Improperly designed drainage systems can do more harm than good. So, when contemplating a big project, it’s best to call and ask for help from the experts. At East Coast Landscape Design, our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of drainage systems and have the know-how to create a stunning focal point in your yard that pulls double-duty as an erosion prevention dynamo.