Why Do I Need A Silver Spring MD Landscape Designer?

One of the questions we frequently get at East Coast Landscape and Design is,
“Why Do I Need a Silver Spring MD landscape designer?” Many people feel that they can do the job on their own but quickly realize it can be quite challenging. So what do we tell them?

Benefits of Hiring a Silver Spring MD Landscape Designer

Many people feel that spending money on a landscape designer may not make sense. Yet, the truth is that, you can significantly improve the value of your property with the right Landscape Design. Some of the advantages of working with an expert include:-

Yard Customization
You may have an idea about how you want your outdoor space to look. You, however, might not have the relevant tools to translate your vision into reality. At East Coast landscape and design, we sit down with the client for an in-depth discussion about precisely what they have in mind. Only then do we come up with plans on how to bring the dream into reality. We know how to work within the parameters available to give you a fantastic outdoor space.

Amazing Ideas
Working with a landscape designer gives you access to the tons of ideas they have. With the right suggestions, you get to transform your yard into a conversation piece.

Better Property Value
You have a higher chance of selling your property for or close to the asking price if your outdoor space looks good. We work to ensure that the design enhances how your property looks.

Stress Management
We all know how frustrating it can be to discover, vet and hire the right contractors. Now add on the responsibility of supervising everything they do. You need time, patience, and the ability to deal with any issues that may arise. Contracting professional landscaping services such as ours will free up your time. You can then concentrate on your core business while we take care of your landscaping.

Technical Knowledge and Experience
Coming up with a beautiful landscape requires that you know the right type of crops, soil, climate, among other factors. Do you, for example, know that some plants can damage the foundation of your home? Others may harm the environment, while improper placement in relation to your house can lead to future problems. Professionals understand all these factors and have the right technical knowledge and experience to handle the tasks.

Let us Take Care of The Landscaping Design for You.

East Coast Landscape and Design have been transforming landscapes since 1979. We have the experience and professionalism to transform your outdoor space. Make an appointment with us for a consultation today. You can be sure that you will be spending so much more time outdoors, once we bring your vision to reality.

Why Do I Need a Rockville MD Landscape Designer?

Have you ever had to ask yourself this question, “Why Do I Need a Rockville MD Landscape Designer?” If yes, you might probably have a yard that needs landscaping. You, however, doubt if the cost of hiring a professional landscaper is worth the investment.

The concern may be more common than you think. At East Coast landscape and design, we have often had to highlight the key benefits of hiring experts. This is what you should know.

Why You Need a Rockville MD Landscape Designer

Landscaping and coming up with an appropriate design is a job that requires expertise and knowledge. We invest in the right talent and ensure that our teams have the relevant training to undertake such tasks. We ensure that we protect your investment so that you get to enjoy the roots of your hard work.
So, here are the reasons for your question, “Why do I need a Rockville MD Landscape Designer?”

  • You get many fantastic ideas that will help you transform your outdoor space.
  • We can recommend ideas you may not have previously thought of.
  • We know how to work within the parameters and implement cost-saving measures, making it cheaper for you in the long run.
  • You benefit from our network of suppliers, thereby ensuring that the products we use are of the highest quality.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise that comes from years of experience in the field.
  • You can rest easy knowing that you do not have to worry about the hassle of involvement in the actual process.
  • We research the different aspects before implementing any of our processes. We learn about soil type, the best kind of crops to grow, the topography of the land, and effects of climate, to name a few.
  • Whatever ideas we recommend comes from a carefully-thought process.
  • Eventually, you increase the property value and get good returns if you decide to put it in the market.
  • We understand that project management can be taxing. We free you from having to think about the details.
  • We seamlessly integrate the Landscape Design into the existing structure.
  • Eventually, we aim at giving you an outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  • We give you excellent advice on the type of crops to grow and how best to take care of them.

Talk to East Coast Landscape and Design Today

East Coast Landscape and Design has been in the business since 1979. With over 40 years under our belt, you can be sure of a high level of expertise and professionalism. We specialize in everything outdoors, including water features and hardscapes. We work together with the clients to bring their vision into reality. Let us start the process of transforming your yard into a peaceful outdoor oasis. All you need to do is book a consultation with us, and our team of experts will start the journey with you.

Why Do I Need A Potomac MD Landscape Designer?

We often spend a lot of time outdoors, especially during the warmer seasons. Yet, the reality for most people is that they may not explore the full potential of their outdoor space. You get so much functionality from the extra space in your yard. You can use it for entertaining or even a place to escape when you want some peace and quiet times.

At East Coast Landscape and Design, we come across many different opinions around the subject. Many may ask, “Why do I need a Potomac MD landscape designer?” Is it worth the cost? Is it worth the hassle? Why can’t I take on the job myself?

Why you Need a Potomac MD Landscape Designer?

Spending time outdoors has so many benefits. You get to enjoy the fresh air, and it provides functional space. While we are in no way saying that you cannot do some of the jobs yourself, it pays to hire a professional. To truly enjoy the space, you need to pay attention to the design. Not only should it be aesthetically pleasing, but it should take into consideration certain factors. Such include:-

  • A good understanding of how to translate your vision into reality
  • Analysis of different components such as soil type, topography, and climate, knowing the kind of crops to grow – some can, for example, harm the environment while others could cause damage to the foundation of your home.
  • Having the right tools and technical knowledge to come up with a proper design
  • Cost-cutting measures to ensure that you do not spend more than you need to

Benefits of Working with a Landscape Designer

Here are the key benefits, the answers to the question, “Why do I need a Potomac MD Landscape Designer?”

  • You get to benefit from the experience and expertise they have
  • They will do thorough research and analysis of landscape before implementing any of the suggestions.
  • Having the right design can significantly improve your property value. In case you decide to sell, you can be sure that you get a good price
  • With the right suggestions and recommendations, your vision will become a reality.
  • You enjoy peace of mind because they take planning and implementation out of your hands.
  • The professionals take on the onerous role of project management, and all you need to do is wait for the reports and outcome

You get to benefit from their network of suppliers for high-quality items

East Coast Landscape and Design will transform your outdoor space.

We have been in the business of Landscape Design for over 40 years. We have many satisfied clients who entrusted us with the task of transforming their outdoor space. We hire the right talent and work together with clients to bring the vision to reality. Call us for a consultation today and say goodbye to an uninspiring yard.

Why Do I Need A North Bethesda MD Landscape Designer?

Making the decision to purchase property may be a weighty one. However, it is a sound investment decision, and you need to take proper care of the property. You must carry out maintenance work to keep it in good condition.

You might probably have a list of contractors on your speed dial, such as the plumber and electrician, and you may now be asking, “Why do I need a North Bethesda MD Landscape Designer?” We will tell you why.

Why You Need a North Bethesda MD Landscape Designer

Coming up with a unique landscape design can be a difficult task. Unless you have the experience, you may need help in finding the right type of plants to grow. Many people think they can do it on their own, but more often than not, they face certain frustrations. At East Coast Landscape and Design, we have had to explain to clients why certain things are not working. The crops that they are trying to grow may start to die. Hence, they may not get as much functionality as they thought they would get when they began the DIY landscaping.

So what are the reasons for the question, “Why do I need a north Bethesda MD Landscape Designer?”

You Get Expert Advice
Becoming a landscape designer requires innate talent, training, and experience. Sometimes what you have as a vision may not necessarily translate into reality. When you work with an expert, you get advice on what can work and what you may need to shelve.

Unique Designs
Landscaping companies such as ours work at ensuring that the design you get is unique. It is a point of pride for us when the final look is not a copy and paste of another yard. Transform your outdoor space into a conversation piece by utilizing the talent the experts have.

Understanding of the Landscape
It is a fallacy to think that crops will do well in any type of soil or climate. Even the way you prepare the soil will determine the outcome. Different crops have different requirements, which you must meet. If not, you will spend money and fail to get the beautiful landscape you are hoping for. Unless it is your area of expertise, let those with the knowledge bring your vision into reality.

Designing, planning, and installing the design is just part of the process. The right contracting company will ensure that you get maintenance services afterward. It makes it easy for you because you do not have to worry about cleaning, pruning or weeding.

East Coast Landscape and Design is the Answer

Transform your outdoor space into a conversation piece starting today. The East Coast Landscape and Design team is at hand to answer any question you may need to ask. We have years of experience spanning over 40 years. Our list of happy clients can attest to our professionalism and the ability to deliver.

Why Do I Need A Laurel MD Landscape Designer?

You may probably have a checklist of the service providers that assist with the maintenance of your home. You may also have the interior of the home well covered, and already have an electrician and plumber you trust. You, however, might not have someone to take care of the exterior part of the home.

The yard may begin to resemble a mini jungle because you are falling behind on the maintenance. You may now ask yourself some of the important questions like, “Why do I need a Laurel MD landscape designer?” East Coast Landscape and Design will tell you why.

Why You Need a Laurel MD Landscape Designer

Transforming your outdoor into a functional aesthetically pleasing space can be exciting. However, translating a vision into reality can still be a daunting task, especially if you do not have the experience.

So the reasons to the question, “Why do I need a Laurel MD Landcape Designer?” are, you get:

  • Fantastic ideas and options
  • Recommendations on what may or may not work
  • Detailed plans, concepts and sketches
  • Project management so that you do not have to worry about overseeing the project.
  • Access to a network of suppliers to ensure you get high-quality products
  • Cost-saving measures because they know how to avoid wastage and unnecessary expenses
  • Time-saving benefits because they know how to work fast and efficiently
  • Peace of mind knowing that an expert is taking care of the landscape design for you
  • You can take the guesswork out of the process.

What to Consider When Hiring a Landscape Designer

Think about hiring a landscape designer, much like you would any other contractor. Some of the things you need to have in mind include:-

  • Level of expertise and number of years of experience they have. East Coast Landscape and Design has been in the market for over 40 years, and have proven experience in outdoor space designs.
  • Can they share a list of satisfied clients as an indication that they can actually deliver as per your expectations?
  • How do they relate to you as a client?
  • Do they listen to your ideas, or dismiss them as irrelevant?
  • Do you feel that you are part of the process, or that they are imposing their ideas on you?
  • Are they transparent with their processes and pricing?
  • Do they have the relevant certification and licensing to carry out such work?
  • Do they have insurance in case anything goes wrong?

Call East Coast Landscape and Design Today

You do not want to spend money on landscaping and end up having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Our team is ready to talk to you at your convenience to help you actualize your vision. We bring professionalism into the landscaping business, and you can trust us to take care of your landscaping.

Why Do I Need A Hyattsville MD Landscape Designer?

Are you thinking of transforming your outdoor space into something beautiful and exciting? Have you been spending hours on the internet, or reading magazines for ideas? If yes, you may need to hire a landscape designer as soon as possible.

At East Coast landscape and Design, we deal with many clients. One recurring question among different clients is, “why do I need a Hyattsville MD Landscape Designer?” It is a fair question that needs a proper response, which we will give below.

Why You Need A Hyattsville MD Landscape Designer?

Landscaping is a fantastic way to spend some time outdoors. You can get lost in your small garden or in trimming the Hedges. However, for the bigger projects, we recommend hiring a professional to take care of the task. Some of the reasons for the question, “Why do I need a Hyattsville MD Landscape Designer?” are:

Time and Money-Saving
One of the things you look out for when engaging with a company is the experience they have. A company such as ours has been operating in the market for over 40 years. Forty years of learning and perfecting the ropes. When you engage us, you will have the full benefits of everything we have to offer. We know which material to use, which steps to take, the suppliers to work with, and how we can save you some money. Since we take the guesswork out of the process, we will complete the work in the shortest time possible. No client wants construction work that takes longer than necessary.

Better Property Value
Any processes you take towards improving your property will, in the long run, give excellent returns. You may remember the days you were looking for a property, and one of the things you checked was how the outdoor space looked. Investing in hiring a landscape designer is, therefore, a sound idea.

Project Management
It can be very frustrating when trying to oversee a project that you do not know much about. If you work with unscrupulous contractors, they will do shoddy work that may end up costing you so much more in repairs. When you work with a professional company, you do not engage yourself in the nitty-gritty. They handle every aspect and report to you accordingly. You get the peace of mind, knowing that your project is in good hands.

Excellent Ideas
You get access to the talent available in a professional landscaping company. These are individuals who have skills, training, and experience. Our company, for example, invests heavily in human resources. We keep up with the training of our teams, and are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

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Start the process of transforming your yard into a dream outdoor space today. We have tons of ideas we would love to share. Our team is ready at your convenience. Call us today!

Why Do I Need A Greenbelt MD Landscape Designer?

East Coast Landscape and Design has been in the landscaping business for over 40 years. One question we get without fail is, “why do I need a Greenbelt MD Landscape Designer?” Most people think that landscaping is a simple job. It always surprises them how difficult and expensive it can get if the job is done incorrectly. Here is what we advise our potential clients.

Why You Need a Greenbelt MD Landscape Designer

You may have invested a lot of money into your property, and you understand that you need to take care of it appropriately so that you can enjoy long-term usage. You also know that if you ever need to sell the property, you may command higher prices depending on the state of the property.

Landscaping transforms your outdoor space into a functional and appealing space. Research shows that potential clients can pay up to 15% more for a home with proper landscaping. The increase in value assures you of ROI, which makes the cost of landscaping worth every cent.

Why You Need to Work with Experts
It is critical that you hire a team that understands landscaping and what goes into the process. That is why we recommend to our clients to always work with an expert. The professional should be able to show you proof of experience. It could be in the number of years they have been operating.

They should also be willing to share with you a list of clients you can call up for references. We also ensure that our clients feel like they are a part of the process. That is why we collaborate and brainstorm around ideas with the client before drawing up final plans.

So the different reasons for the question we have clients asking (before they become clients) is, “Why do I need a Greenbelt MD Landscape Designer?”

  • They have fantastic ideas and will give you multiple options.
  • They take over the planning and implementation, so you don’t have to worry about the details.
  • They know exactly where to buy the highest quality material.
  • They work quickly and efficiently, thus saving you time.
  • They take the guesswork out of the process, which could save you some money in the long run.
  • You get excellent advice on the type of crops to plant.
  • The right company will offer maintenance services at a reasonable cost.
  • Weeding, pruning, or cutting grass stops being your headache.
  • You get to utilize space and material that you didn’t even realize you have.

Call East Coast Landscape and Design Today

The beautiful landscape you may admire in your neighbor’s property can be your reality today. Call us for a consultation, and we can start the process of creating a sophisticated landscape for you. Whether you need it for entertaining or a peaceful place to relax, we have some fantastic ideas. Our team is available at your convenience.

Why Do I Need A Bowie MD Landscape Designer?

Have you ever gone to a homestead and fallen in love with the landscaping? You may probably wonder how much time they spend on ensuring that the yard looks as good as it does. You may know for a fact that you would love the same for your property. It can become a reality for you if you know the right people to work with.

East Coast landscape is here to answer the question, “Why Do I Need a Bowie MD Landscape Designer? “

Here is Why You Need a Bowie MD Landscape Designer

Having been in the landscaping market for over 40 years, we have had the opportunity to service a wide range of clients. Most of them want to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their outdoor space. They want a place that they can entertain family and friends. Many also express the desire to have a section where they can get away when they need some peace and tranquility.

Why do I need a Bowie MD Landscape Designer, you ask? Here’s a list:-

Professional Advice
There is a lot that goes into landscaping. We carry out an analysis of the property and take note of factors such as soil type, topography, land gradient, and the region’s climate, among others. We also research the best type of crops that we are sure will do well in your yard. In collaboration with the client, we plan accordingly and come up with concepts and designs for implementation.

We Help You Save
Anyone who has attempted a landscaping project knows how expensive it can be. If you’re not very sure about what you are doing, there will be a lot of guesswork or trial and error. In the long run, you find that you’ve spent the money you did not need to spend. Most importantly, the time you lose is one thing you may not want to spend. Our processes are efficient, and we ensure that we do not interrupt your day-to-day activities unnecessarily.

You Get Tons of Ideas
Some of our clients have ideas that they would like to turn into reality. During the consultation, we give our recommendations as well as other options on different things they can include. Our suggestions come from decades of experience specific to the Maryland area. The outcome is a happy client who collaborates with us to achieve what they want.

You Increase the Value of Your Property
Take a look at what the real estate industry says about the importance of landscaping. A home that has outdoor appeal attracts up to 15% more in terms of pricing.

Final Word

East Coast Landscape and Design has been in the market since 1979. We bring a high level of professionalism and expertise. Our list of happy clients is a true testament of the type of work we do. We are available at your convenience to walk the journey with you. Start the process of transforming your outdoor space today.

Why Do I Need A Bethesda MD Landscape Designer?

You may have just bought your dream home, and almost everything is as it should be. You, however, may not like how the yard looks. If the previous owner did not spend too much time taking care of the landscaping, you know that you must take the necessary measures towards making it to your liking.

However, you may not have too much time on your hands to work on the outdoor space. You might have approached some of your neighbors, and they encourage you to consider hiring a landscape designer. Still, you may have reservations about the cost, and might not be sure that you want to deal with the stress of contractors.

At East Coast Landscape and Design, we totally understand your predicament. One recurring question we always get is, “why do I need a Bethesda MD landscape designer?” This is what we tell our potential and existing clients.

Why you need a Bethesda MD Landscape Designer?

You Get Excellent Ideas

East Coast landscape and Design has been transforming outdoor spaces for over 40 years. You can imagine the type of experience we have and the different scenarios we have come across. We have so many excellent ideas to share with our clients. Some may have an idea of what they want while others do not. During the consultation, we listen to your ideas and give our suggestions.

Analysis of Your Landscape

For the untrained, coming up with a landscape design may seem so simple. Yet, the truth is that there are many different components that come into play. The types of soil, topography, climate, among others, have a big role to play. Professionals consider all these different aspects when coming up with ideas. A lot of research goes into determining the best solution for each unique space.

Planning and Implementation

Coming up with an idea is just the first step. Next, includes planning and implementation to achieve the vision you have in mind. A professional contractor knows how to save you money and time without compromising on the outcome. Most importantly, you can sit back and relax without the need to involve yourself in the actual work.

Project Management

We will have a project manager who will report to you about progress. You get to leverage their experience and expertise when transforming your outdoor space. You can expect your investment to increase your property value and also exterior design trends change much slowly than interior designs.

Call East Coast Landscape and Design Today.

Having been in the business for this long, we understand everything to do with transforming landscapes. We work at ensuring that you get a peaceful outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Forget about spending most times indoors, outdoors is the place to be, for tranquility, fun and exploration!

What Is Silver Spring Md Hardscape Design?

Are you aware that hardscaping designs are essential parts of landscaping? Probably you might be asking yourself, what is Silver Spring MD hardscape design?

Hardscape elements are areas in your home or property yard where you can comfortably stroll, sit, relax, and obtain pleasure from the beauty and tranquility. These designs are also an extension of your home living spaces, presenting opportunities to implement your outdoor design ideas artistically.

What is Silver Spring MD hardscape design?

Hardscaping is a sub-category of landscaping that comprises the hard, durable parts of your yard, and can also extend your living space. The following element that may be found in your yard describes the hardscape designs:

  • Patios
  • Paved pathways
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Stairs
  • Benches

Appropriate hardscape construction will always act to complement your softscaping features such as the flowers and shrubs. The hardscaping can also protect your yard from surface runoff and soil erosion.

Landscaping experts such as those found at East Coast Landscape Design will tell you that you should not even consider planting your yard until you decide on the hardscape components to incorporate in your outdoor space. Otherwise, you can find yourself plowing up your costly, luxurious roses to create space for the necessary hardscapes such as walkways, stairs, benches, or even a decorative pond.

Critical Aspects that You May Learn when You Engage the Professionals

When designing the hardscape features, landscaping around your Silver Spring, MD outdoor patios, driveways, stairways, and walkways must be of the appropriate size to not overrun your living space.

You need to be sure about how big the mature plantings that you desire can grow around; so that you do not have to frequently trim or prune the possibly fast-growing plants around your driveways, staircases, walkways, or patios. Such aspects can also diminish the plantings’ natural splendor, and may even take your extra relaxing time for pruning, instead of enjoying your patio space.

Furthermore, when deciding on softscaping elements to harmonize your hardscape, you need to keep off the plantings that drop its thorny or prickly parts that can hurt anyone walking around whenever stepped on.

The strong-smelling plants around the patios can also outdo your outdoor space and attract uninvited insect guests. Ensure you plan on executing some reasonable distance between the more scented planting and your patios, benches, and walkways; usually, a background smell can be more pleasant than one saturating through the air.

You should also think of adding plants that contain high visual interest levels. You can have them strategically-placed up close so that they can enhance a magnificent view whenever anyone strolls along your walkways, sit on your benches, or relax on the patios.

Talk to East Coast Landscape Design Professionals for an Outstanding Hardscape Design

We specialize in hardscapes and harmonizing water features that add exceptional dimensions to your lifestyle.

Think today of extending your living space into the possibly magnificent outdoors and realize why so many homeowners entrust us with designing their homes’ ultimate comfort.

We have designed and formulated astounding beauty in thousands of yards and properties around the Washington, DC area for over 40 years now. Our clients believe in our expertise.

Call us and attain the beautiful landscape you have always dreamt about.