Drainage And Erosion Control In Hyattsville Md

When you purchased your current home, you may not have been aware of any drainage and erosion control issues your new Hyattsville MD property had. They’re not always readily apparent, after all. Unless you happen to visit the property on a rainy day, you don’t really have any way of knowing.

When you discover the problem, your first impulse might be to begin taking steps immediately to try and fix it, but that might not be the best idea.

The reason comes down to this: If you’ve got other landscaping goals and ambitions, you want to make sure that when you fix whatever drainage and erosion control problems you have on your Hyattsville MD property, you don’t do so in a way that interferes with your other landscaping goals. You want all your initiatives to work seamlessly together.

The best way to do that is to create a Master Landscape Design Document. Don’t let the official sounding name fool you. In its simplest form, it’s just a document that captures all of your landscaping goals and ambitions in one place.

Doing so allows you to prioritize your landscaping ambitions so you can tackle them in a way that makes sense, break big projects into smaller ones, and most importantly, figure out the best way to solve the drainage and erosion control problems on your Hyattsville MD property in a way that won’t interfere with your other landscaping plans.

As to solutions, let’s take a quick look at the Big Three:

1) Create A Diversion – This is a delightfully low-cost way of dealing with drainage problems. It can be as simple as an open drainage ditch. Since water always seeks the lowest point, it will naturally find its way into the ditch, which you can then use to direct the water anywhere you want it to go.

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You’ve got lots of options where that’s concerned. You could dump it into a stream if you’ve got one on your property, a drainage ditch at the edge of your property that carries the water away, a dry well, or even a decorative pond at your preference.

2) Plant Grasses and Shrubs – Planting more of these is a natural, modestly-priced solution to erosion issues because healthy plants have a robust root system which helps lock your soil in place, even after a hard rain.

3) Create Terraced Spaces – This is the go-to solution if you have steep slopes on your property. Terraces are created using retaining walls, which have drainage systems built-in, neatly solving for both erosion and drainage issues in one package while simultaneously giving you more usable yard space. They’re a bit more expensive but create a stunning aesthetic.

If you’re not sure exactly how you want to proceed, just give our office a call. We’ll be happy to talk about the possibilities with you!