When Do I Need a Greenbelt MD Retaining Wall?

A question our landscape experts often get is, “When do I need a retaining wall in Greenbelt, MD?” This type of construction is a practical way to solve several types of home and garden problems. Here is a look at situations where a retaining wall can help.

  • Do you live at the bottom of a hill? If your home is situated at the base of a sharp incline, a retaining wall can give you protection from run-off and erosion.
  • Is your home built at the top of a hill and your front yard a hillside? You probably regret that you don’t have much room to garden and relax in your outdoor space. A set of retaining walls can fix that by terracing the hillside. This creates usable area out of space that is currently difficult to get to.
  • Are you worried because runoff down a hill is creating erosion? A retaining wall will hold back the soil and reduce the effects of erosion.
  • Has a contractor told you that your home is in the path of soil fault lines? If you live down the hill from a fault line, a big storm can release soil. It can slide into your home, causing severe damage. With a retaining wall in place, the soil is more stable, reducing the chance of a slide.
  • Is your home’s foundation in the path of a hillside with soil that is in danger of sliding? When the soil around your foundation gets washed away in a big storm, it can compromise the structural integrity of your home. A retaining wall can protect your home.

An engineer can check the soil conditions on your property and select the best type of retaining wall for the area. This isn’t a weekend, do-it-yourself job. Retaining walls need to be designed to fit the actual space and conditions on your property. They need to be engineered carefully and built with precision.

That’s why East Coast Landscape Design has a Senior Geotechnical Engineer on staff, with years of hands-on experience with local soil and surface conditions. He is a specialist in drainage and erosion control engineering and understands that one of the best ways to handle erosion is with a retaining wall. With his expertise, he can answer your question, “When do I need a retaining wall in Greenbelt, MD?”

East Coast is the local retaining wall expert. We do it all, excavation, grading, design, slope stabilization and erosion control. Your wall will add beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space. You’ll have more usable room for gardening, relaxing and playing.

Call East Coast Landscape Design today to find out when do I need a retaining wall in Greenbelt, MD.

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