Landscape Design in Silver Spring MD is Key to Flood Prevention

The right landscape design plays an important role in flood prevention at your Silver Spring MD home. Why?
Yards flood when the rain water doesn’t drain properly, this is due to:

  • The wrong soil has been used in the yard
  • Soil is eroding
  • Slopes that drain water towards the home
  • Plants that don’t capture the water
  • A lack of water drainage through hardscaping
  • Water draining from a neighbor’s yard

The best time to install the right landscape design is during new home construction. However, if you’ve bought a home in Silver Spring MD that you’ve discovered is flood-prone, there are changes to your landscape design that can help.

For instance, a new landscape design would include thirsty flowers and other vegetation beds installed where water tends to pool. A new drainage system can collect water, and use gravity to drain it out to the street through underground pipes. Dry streambeds can create a path for the water, directing it away from your house. Retention ponds placed at the lowest part of your property can collect storm water runoff. Retaining walls can also be used to battle flooding in parts of your yard, or if the water is coming from a neighbor’s yard.
For more information on landscape design in Silver Spring, MD, that prevents home flooding, please contact East Coast Landscape Design. We use erosion control applications to Maryland state specifications. Our landscape design experts will outline how to protect your home and create a landscape that creates lasting beauty and value.

Healthy Irrigation Systems in Gaithersburg MD

If you’ve invested in an irrigation system at your Gaithersburg MD home, you want to keep it healthy. Failing to do so will have consequences. Expensive consequences.

Ignoring the health of your irrigation system puts you at risk for losing the entire system, the loss of landscaping, and flooding that could do great deal of damage to your home. Here are areas where irrigation systems in Gaithersburg MD could malfunction:

  • Piping – could be broken, clogged, or (depending on age) corroding
  • Pumps – running continually, not running, or running for a while, then shutting off before the watering program is complete
  • Heads – could be clogged by dirt, grass clippings, thatch, or damaged by lawn maintenance tools (mower, weed-whacker, etc.). Also, sprinkler heads may need to be repositioned to best serve your landscaping needs.
  • System components – valves, wiring, the sprinkler control box

The bottom line is this: lots of things could go wrong with irrigation systems in Gaithersburg MD, and it’s important to ensure that your sprinkler system is in top condition when you need it.

For more information on keeping irrigation systems healthy in Gaithersburg MD, please the experts at East Coast Landscape Design. These qualified professionals understand hydraulic pressure, sprinkler system layout, soil concerns, and the watering requirements of your home’s landscape. They can assess and repair old irrigations systems, and if needed, design and install irrigation systems in Gaithersburg MD.